20+ Things to do in San Antonio with kids

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If you and your family are planning a trip to San Antonio, then there is no need to worry about entertaining the kids as this city provides numerous fun-filled activities for people of all ages.

Attractions like incredible theme parks, educational museums, breathtaking natural wonders and interactive art experiences. Families can enjoy making long lasting memories through these exciting things to do in San Antonio with kids!

Short Summary

  • Explore the vibrant downtown San Antonio, have fun at SeaWorld and Six Flags Fiesta Texas, and unleash creativity at The DoSeum!
  • Dive into SEA LIFE San Antonio and explore kid-friendly museums & outdoor activities in parks.
  • Experience history with a visit to The Alamo, enjoy interactive art & LEGOLAND Discovery Center plus family performances & sports excitement!

San Antonio Zoo Adventures

The San Antonio Zoo, located just a short distance from downtown, is the perfect day out for families of all sizes. Winning Best Zoo in Texas 2021 and holding an excellence certificate from American Humane organization, you can be sure your experience will truly be special. Offering behind-the-scenes interactions with animals such as feeding giraffes or getting close to hippos and sloths, it’s no wonder this destination has become so popular!

To get even more enjoyment out of your visit, why not plan ahead? You could ride on the zoo train that stops at both Japanese Tea Garden & Witte Museum plus if you’re feeling extra adventurous head over to Kiddie Park next door which promises classic carnival rides alongside magical moments destined to stay etched into memory long after visiting time ends.

At The San Antonio Zoo, kids (and adults alike!) are guaranteed hours upon hours filled with unique encounters like nowhere else – book today, now you know where the best place really is!

Visit the Zoo

Downtown Exploration

Downtown San Antonio is teeming with family-friendly attractions to explore. You can take a leisurely stroll along the meandering banks of the San Antonio River, stopping for an ice cream treat or grabbing lunch before heading over to Alamo – Texas’ famous landmark and important part of history where visitors will find a museum as well as a gift shop all within 6 minutes walk from River Walk area.

For something more relaxed, Pearl District provides plenty of activities that are great fun for families including kicking soccer ball around in open space, enjoying outdoor movies screenings and cooling off at Gustav’s Geysers water park splash pad, there truly is something enjoyable here for everyone!

Aquatic Fun at SeaWorld San Antonio

When visiting San Antonio, SeaWorld is the perfect place for a fun-filled day out with your whole family. Thrill seekers will love the range of exciting roller coasters that reach high speeds and admirers of marine life can get up close to dolphins, penguins and polar bears. Not only this, there’s also Aquatica – an aquatic park full of wave pools, lazy rivers as well as splash parks all within one great spot! For those who would rather soak in some sun than jump into waterslides or tube rides at this vast waterpark, they may do so here too. Making it ideal when travelling with children no matter their preference on activities!

Visit SeaWorld San Antonio

Excitement at Six Flags Fiesta Texas

Head to San Antonio and experience the thrills at Six Flags Fiesta Texas! This amusement park provides a variety of rides, attractions, and entertainment options for all ages. From DC Super-Villains Swing & Spinsanity to Bahama Blaster water ride – there is something everyone can enjoy. Whether it’s live shows or going on exciting roller coaster rides, you are sure to have an action packed day out with your whole family here at this amazing theme park. Plus, shopping and dining opportunities make it even more enjoyable! Don’t miss out when visiting the fantastic Fiesta Texas in San Antonio.

Visit Six Flags

Unleash Creativity at The DoSeum

If you’re visiting San Antonio, The DoSeum is a great option for the whole family. This interactive children’s museum encourages kids to develop their creativity and imagination through hands-on exhibits and activities like Sensations Studio or Spy Academy. Admission is free for babies under 1 year old, while all other tickets are only $14, making it an affordable experience that enriches your time in the city!

Visit The DoSeum

Natural Bridge Caverns Exploration

Take a trip to the Natural Bridge Caverns near San Antonio for an educational and awe-inspiring experience. You will be guided 180 feet below ground, where you can explore over half a mile of one of the largest cavern systems in this area. Learn about its history and science while marvelling at its spectacular formations.

Admission fees begin from $18 per child and $30 for adults – making it a great value considering everything that’s on offer here! A unique day out awaits families who visit this captivating natural wonder just outside San Antonio’s city limits.

Visit Natural Bridge Caverns

San Antonio Botanical Garden Discovery

Head to the San Antonio Botanical Garden and take in its calming beauty. With an array of themed gardens highlighting plants from many locations, it’s a great way for families to learn about plant life while exploring together.

Admission is easy on the pocketbook starting at only $13 for kids 3-13 and $16 per adult. Come enjoy this wonderful outdoor adventure during your time in San Antonio! Classes are available as well, which can provide education through hands-on skill building activities alongside special exhibitions.

The garden offers all these opportunities plus more, so don’t miss out when you’re here with family, experience something different but unique!

Visit Botanical Gardens

Dive into SEA LIFE San Antonio

Discover the fascinating underwater world at SEA LIFE San Antonio, an indoor aquarium in San Antonio close to the River Walk. Filled with intriguing displays and chances for marine life encounters, it offers a fun and instructive experience for both adults and children alike!

Admission is free of charge for kids 2 or younger while 3-years old plus will be charged $24.99 per ticket – making it very budget friendly no matter your age group.

At this family entertainment centre you can discover all kinds of mysterious creatures that live within our oceans while learning interesting facts about their habitats – so don’t miss out on exploring Commerce St’s SEASLIFE Adventure Park now!

Visit Sea Life San Antonio

Kid-Friendly Museums

San Antonio offers several kid-friendly attractions for a great learning experience for the whole family. The San Antonio Children’s Museum is an interactive place with exciting exhibits and displays, while at the Witte Museum visitors can discover 110 million year old fossils, dinosaurs, and Texas wildlife.

There is also the San Antonio Museum of Art that showcases works from all around the world together with activities like Wednesday Playdates or Family Days to engage toddlers through artmaking and performances.

These museums are ideal options when looking to have fun in this amazing city while nurturing young minds!

Outdoor Activities in San Antonio Parks

In the San Antonio area, there are no shortage of options for outdoor family activities. Families can choose to visit Hemisfair Park and enjoy a playground, splash pad, games such as bocce ball or chess along with numerous walking trails at their disposal.

Another option available in Brackenridge Park includes feeding ducks while taking a train ride along dedicated paths that encourage exercise. Lastly families should look into Phil Hardberger Park where exciting programs from planting vegetables to themed storytimes are frequently held adding an educational dimension to its amazing family adventure garden setting! All together these parks provide plenty of opportunity for fresh air filled fun within San Antonio!

Morgan’s Wonderland Inclusivity

When visiting San Antonio, be sure to experience the unique and heartwarming atmosphere of Morgan’s Wonderland. This amusement park is designed for individuals of all ages and abilities, featuring 25 attractions that are wheelchair-accessible ensuring everyone can join in on the fun! Not only this, admission fees cater to every budget. Guests with special needs, as well as children two years old and under, have free entry while tickets come at a reasonable price – $13 for 3-17 year olds &$19 per adult. A perfect day out awaits you when you visit Morgan’s Wonderland during your trip to San Antonio.

Visit Morgan’s Wonderland

Altitude Trampoline Park Fun

Visiting San Antonio? Look no than Altitude Trampoline Park for a thrilling afternoon with the family. This fun-filled indoor playground offers an array of activities – from trampolines to ropes courses, rock walls and even dodgeball! Everyone is sure to stay entertained here in this safe and engaging environment.

A great way for kids (and adults) alike to burn off energy without sacrificing any excitement, Altitude Trampoline Park will make your time spent in San Antonio unforgettable.

Visit Altitude Trampoline Park

Experience History at The Alamo

On your family trip to San Antonio, don’t miss the chance to take a step back in time and learn about Texas history by visiting The Alamo. This historic mission is located in the center of San Antonio and was vital for securing freedom for Texas. You can explore its grounds as well as visit its museum and gift shop, an incredible educational opportunity that families should not pass up! Make sure you experience this iconic landmark during your stay. Discovering all it has to offer will provide unique insight into the rich culture of Texans.

Visit The Alamo

iFly Indoor Skydiving Adventure

Families visiting San Antonio can experience the thrill of skydiving without jumping out of an airplane at iFly. This indoor facility has a wind tunnel where participants – under expert supervision – suit up and fly in the air, allowing children to enjoy this thrilling activity safely.

iFly provides visitors with a unique chance for adventure or just have fun as they spend their afternoon. It’s definitely worth checking out when you’re in town!

Visit iFly Indoor Skydiving

Culinary Delights for Kids

Visiting San Antonio with kids is a great way to expose them to new flavors and sample the city’s incredible food. With such an array of restaurants, even picky eaters can find something they’ll love. Locals know that Ray’s Drive Inn serves some of the best Tex-Mex around and don’t forget puffy tacos. These are must haves for any family trip in San Antonio! Delight your children during your stay by trying out all kinds of amazing local cuisine options this vibrant Texas destination has to offer – it will be sure make memories you’ll always remember!

Interactive Art at Hopscotch

Come and explore an extraordinary art experience that awaits you in San Antonio, Hopscotch. This interactive exhibition offers a chance for everyone, from children to adults alike, to dive into imaginative alternate worlds with their cutting-edge installations of vibrant artwork.

Whether it be creating your own laser graffiti or playing around in the infinity mirrors at the circus arcade–Hopscotch has something sure to enchant visitors young and old during their stay! Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity when visiting San Antonio.

Visit Hopscotch

LEGOLAND Discovery Center Creativity

When visiting San Antonio, make sure to check out LEGOLAND Discovery Center, an affordable and engaging experience for the whole family. This indoor playground is packed with LEGO-themed attractions that will inspire young minds and ignite their creativity. With prices starting at $14, it’s a great way to spend time together while having fun!

The 4D cinema, rides, massive play zone – there are plenty of activities suitable for all ages here at LEGOLAND Discovery Center in San Antonio. Don’t miss your chance to witness first hand how your child delights in imaginative play!

Visit Legoland Discovery Center

San Antonio River Walk Cruise

Treat your family to an unforgettable adventure through San Antonio and explore the historic city’s enchanting River Walk from a new perspective. Enjoy a tranquil boat tour full of interesting facts and knowledge, giving you all insight into some of its most iconic landmarks.

This relaxing but informative cruise is bound to be one that will stay with each member of the family for years to come, so don’t miss out on this exquisite opportunity while visiting San Antonio!

Visit Go RIO San Antonio River Cruises

Family-Friendly Performances

San Antonio has a plethora of activities that cater to families. Magik Theatre and The Tobin Center for the Performing Arts both offer memorable experiences fit for every age group in one’s family.

Not only do these venues host exciting performances, but there are also free H-E-B Cinema nights at The Tobin Center which will capture any traveler on their trip to San Antonio alike! Stimulate your loved ones with an entertaining night out filled with live performance art.

San Antonio Sports Excitement

Gather the whole family together and cheer on one of San Antonio’s local teams, the Spurs. Visiting a game is an exciting opportunity that no sports fan should miss out on during their trip to this city!

With exhilarating gameplay and infectious energy in the air, it’s sure to be an unforgettable experience for everyone involved. So don’t pass up your chance to take part in all that San Antonio has to offer by attending a basketball game with those you love most, your family!


San Antonio offers a wide variety of activities to delight the whole family. From enthralling theme parks and interactive museums, to stunning river cruises and immersive art experiences.

There is something for all ages in this vibrant city. Begin planning your unforgettable trip today – you won’t regret it! With so many exciting possibilities available during your visit, no doubt fond memories will be made by all who join in on the adventure that San Antonio has waiting just around the corner!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is San Antonio good for kids?

San Antonio is a perfect place for parents and kids alike, boasting an abundance of great activities to enjoy as a family, indeed it has earned its reputation amongst the most ideal cities in America when it comes to raising children.

What can I do with my child?

Spend quality time with your child and engage in activities such as cooking meals together, reading stories, playing interactive games like word puzzles or scrabble, etc., going to the playground and more. Also look out for some inexpensive ways of having fun at home. These are sure to provide lasting memories that will bring a smile on their faces!

Are there any kid-friendly museums in San Antonio?

Yes, both the Witte Museum and San Antonio Museum of Art have activities and exhibits perfect for kids!

What outdoor activities can families enjoy in San Antonio’s parks?

San Antonio has plenty of parks for families to enjoy, like Hemisfair Park, Brackenridge Park and Phil Hardberger Park. With these places providing a variety of activities suitable for all ages, from the small ones with playgrounds and splash pads to those who are older with walking trails and games.

At Hemisfair Park, there are an array of attractions that can be enjoyed by everyone, including children’s play areas along with spray grounds as well as paths ideal for strolling around on.

Meanwhile, at Brackenridge you’ll find fun things specially designed for those in their later years such as exciting challenges through different kinds of game options available too!

Lastly but not least is Philip Hardberger which presents its own range of activities great whether it’s younger or adults joining in on the fun day out.

What are some local food favorites in San Antonio?

Any food enthusiast visiting San Antonio has to try the beloved local cuisine, such as puffy tacos and Tex-Mex dishes.